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Good morning my little motivated monkeys!

I am sure most of you have been enlightened by the extreme positive benefits moosic (that ‘moo’ is on purpose, duh; we all think about food constantly- let’s be honest) has to offer but in order to maximise your recall ability let’s go through it one more time but this time we also add a little some extra! Giving you the. best. playlists. ever.

There is lots of great fun facts about moosic increasing happiness, helping with sleep, reducing stress, but the main one; the golden nugget (or is it ticket?), the cream to your apple pie, the corn to your cob, the salsa to your cornchip, the one that we all need, MOOSIC HELPS US EXERCISE. (And yes, this is an actual fact).

And if you have read anything of mine before I like doing little sums just to be extra logical. Morning smoothie + Moosic helps us exercise = summer birdy body = clothes finally fitting= not worrying about that top button = feeling flying = cute boy? 😉 You know where I am going with this…

So. The Hummingbird Team have put their best foot forward and given you THE BEST playlists to stay extra motivated and squat just one more time at the gym whilst still having a smile on your face- cute aren’t we!

Callum- Spotify Beast Mode

Kim- Spotify Cardio

Sophie- Spotify Studio Sounds

Dani- Spotify Morning Run

Benjamin- Spotify Motivation Mix


All the smiles,

Your Hbird Enthusiast

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