Weird $H^T That Makes You Healthy!

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Dear Body,

I am writing to you because I would really really love it if you listened to me this time! I am determined to be healthy throughout ALL of Winter and into Summer; I am super motivated to mould into Kendall Jenner or Adriana Lima (not fussy) and I want to FEEL on top of the world. I can, and I will make this work.

So step one, you have to read about the weird $H^T that you will now rely on to make sure I am infused with energy, don’t get a cold and help me get through these freezing days. Don’t let me down this time. Please.


Bone Broth. Recommended by Louise Hay and the latest trend on the market. Go figure. Trending to me is the latest fashion on Milan runway, but I’ll still go with it, especially when  Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it.

To break it down, this nourishing dish eases respiratory symptoms and reduces inflammation. The valuable amino acids, gelatin, collagen and trace minerals will help heal and seal the gut lining (tell me one person who doesn’t have stomach/gut issues, SO annoying) and boost your immune system this winter. A bone broth a day keeps the doctor away!

Making it at home is obviously way too time consuming and will probably eliminate the gorgeous fragrance of your Sunday blooms so we will stick to the health food stores. Best brands are Broth Sisters, Broth of Life and My Goodness Organics; so get this into you ASAP.

How to use it? Drink it straight up hot with some turmeric, ginger and a little cayenne or use it as a base for making some killer soups.

Added bonus? The collagen in broth will have your skin, hair and nails looking extra beautiful (and like you have visited the Fountain of Youth) this Winter.

You can also make your own vegan broth which has many of the same benefits. Just make sure you add seaweed, mushrooms and turmeric.


Medicinal Mushrooms. Hilarious I know, but we (unfortunately/fortunately whatever takes your fancy) are not talking about the magic mushrooms you find in Nimbin.

Mushrooms have been used traditionally for thousands of years, especially in Asia, and now the rest of the world is finally catching up. They naturally contain antibacterial  and antifungal properties, which help them survive in their natural environment and these same components may also benefit humans. Sounds like time to get some more fungi into the diet and no we aren’t talking about the supermarket mushies!

Pop into your local health store and grab a supplement containing ‘Reishi’ mushrooms or  similar . It will protect and help you fight off any “potential” nasties coming your way from the weekend.

Added benefit?  Mushrooms can boost energy and mood too which are both areas we all need a little support in, don’t you agree?


Kakadu Plum.  This one is SUPER interesting. And I think it is important we buy it immediately (yes, I am sorry that means no bottle of wine tonight- but think, summer body, booty, Kendall Jenner).

Considered a gift from the Dreamtime, Kakadu Plum has been used as a medicinal food by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years. This little guy is a true superfood and has the highest reported level of natural vitamin C content (literally 100 times stronger than oranges-incredible). And if that wasn’t enough, Kakadu Plum also contain five times the antioxidants levels of the blueberry and is also a good source of folate and a vegetarian source of iron.

Kakadu Plum is generally sold as a concentrate or a powder so add it in to your already deliciously created Hummingbird smoothies or breakfast bowls. There is one disclaimer to remember… the taste is.. Eh let’s say nowhere near the taste of a cupcake! Soooo make sure you don’t go eating it off the spoon! Pop on down to your local Health Food store for this product or try The Australian Superfood Company.


Get out there, unleash and show them what you’re made of!

Yours truly,

The Body Owner

aka – Hummingbird Enthusiast

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Research provided by our Naturopath @littlealchemy

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