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Please do not tell me that in winter I am the only one who picks off their scaly skin? There is absolutely nothing WORSE then when you are running late in the morning, forget to put a tub of moisturiser on each leg and you can feel the dryness rubbing against your jeans or tights. SO bloody annoying. So although winter may not be able to bring back the summer tan and your soft skin; I can! (even a very very slight tan) But seriously, check these game changer tips from our Naturopath. Oh and let me start by saying a good skin regime does wonders for your skin however, what you take internally really does have the biggest impact on your skin health and radiance.

Boost your omega three intake: Inflammation is the enemy of healthy skin- it breaks down skin structures and makes you look aged.  Omega three fatty acids have potent anti –inflammatory effects. Boosting your omega three intake has year round benefits for your skin so definitely try to make this a part of your daily routine. Your best source of omega three fatty acids is in the form of fish oil (you would have to eat A LOT of fish to get the same benefits). So ditch the discounted $3 chemist bin with tubs of “eye cream” and pop right across the road to your health food store for a quality fish oil supplement. Yes, yes we know, you don’t like the fishy smell. These days (thank god for global progression) many ultra purified products on the market are enteric coated which can bypass this fishy effect, and, keeping your supplement in the fridge also reduces any fishy burps! Added benefit? Fish oil boosts your mood! (I don’t think I have ever seen someone dancing to the sound of music in the middle of winter? And if you have please send them my way!).

Hyaluronic Acid: Relax..don’t be put off by the acid part of this clever little ingredient; this substance is your best hydration boosting skin care ingredient during winter. It works as an extremely efficient water absorber (it can hold up to 1000x its weight in water!) and helps make you skin look plump and supple and decreases the appearance of wrinkles. You are welcome girlfriend! Trilogy Replenishing Night Cream contains this little wonder ingredient and Nourished Life also stocks a great range of skin care products containing this ingredient.

Keep hydrated:  You’ve heard your Mother say it a thousand times but it’s true. We all tend to feel less thirsty in winter but can become dehydrated quite quickly because no doubt you all crank the heater which dries you out, duh! Oh yeah and long hot showers and baths may feel amazing but they dehydrate you. Drinking warm water throughout the day (always keep that glass bottle nearby topped up aim for at least two litres daily!) as well as caffeine free herbal teas keeps you well hydrated and contributes to supple soft glowing skin.

Ditch the coffee: Yep, caffeine dehydrates you (sorry coffee addicts!) as it acts as a diuretic that causes you to lose more water through urine. Swap your coffee for green tea, which is packed full of antioxidants and can delay the signs of skin aging.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods:  Refined carbs and foods high in sugar cause a spike in insulin levels which can cause transient inflammation in the body. Inflammation wreaks havoc with your skin and leads to a breakdown of collagen and elastin, which are key components to keeping your skin looking toned, soft and supple.

Eat Your Way to Glowing Skin: Eating orange foods such as carrots, sweet potato and cantaloupe boosts your intake of the super antioxidant beta – carotene. Increasing your intake of these foods actually gives a warmth and glow to your skin, which makes you look like you have just been on holiday (and who doesn’t want that!). It’s a fine balance though, as consuming way too much will have you looking like an ompa loompa so eat in moderation.

Change Up Your Skincare Routine: That’s right, our skin has different needs in winter, requiring more hydration and protection. Now don’t think that just because it is winter, you don’t need sun protection. Those pesky skin damaging UV rays still manage to get through even on overcast days and can age and dehydrate you very quickly so wear a sunscreen every single day (and when you are 60 and look at all the saggy aged skin on the sun worshippers around you, you will thank your lucky stars you heeded my advice!!!)

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