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Sleep cycles, water, alarm clocks – how the heck do I  jump instead of collapse out of bed, be a go-getter in the morning (more so than I already am, obviously) because right now I think I would prefer to lick 100 stamps with no water then leave my heavenly, scheduled sanctuary.  I also think that social media is not flattering at all, because let me tell you I do not look like a new born supermodel and cool athletic leisure wearing gal on a Winter’s morning at 7am.

Getting out of Bed
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“The act of slowly but successfully removing oneself from the comfort cloud in order to complete daily adult tasks to ensure food is put on the table and fancy clothes can be worn”


  1. A piece of furniture which potentially includes a mattress or some other form of comforter for (hopefully) peaceful rest.


  1. Successfully achieving an experience of starting the day.

Successful Getting Out of Bed Measures from the Overachiever

1. NO Coffee- Just kidding! I only mean no coffee the afternoon/night
before going to bed. Only because caffeine takes longer to pass through your body, so if you want deeper sleep, be able to fall asleep or, actually feel like you have slept then only having your aphrodite hit in the mornings will provide a wake up cure on it’s own!

2. Cycling- There is some very complex information about REM cycles, but basically to break it down for you- try and go to sleep at the same time each night. Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier also surprisingly helps with the morning blues. This will start providing your inner body conscious with a very pleasant routine allowing your body to naturally wake up/get out of bed. Voila!  

3. Blind yourself- Open. The. Blinds. Let the very nice natural sun/daylight into your room. Unless you are in Scandinavia land, sorry can’t do much about that! It gives you a very positive and enlightening (pardon the pun) start to the day.

4. Become a watering hole- As soon as you wake up in the morning drink a cup of water. It helps to replenish all the water that has been lost during the night from sweating and exhaling. Keeping hydrated this early also actually makes your body move a lot easier too since it aids our bodies natural processes.

5.Be Strategic- Place your alarm clock/phone/gadget/boyfriend whatever you use on the other side of the room. Need I say more.  

If you open your eyes 0.01ms faster than usual and are feeling particularly ambitious…..

Pull out your crouching tiger, hidden hippo moves. Morning stretching not only helps energise you for the start of the day it can provide a relaxed and focused mindset. Some of the main stretches/yoga poses which work best is the spinal stretch, cat tilt and the good old hands to toes.

Also, Einstein believed that imagination is more powerful than knowledge and our imaginations are ready to explode in the morning. So if you like reading your daily newspaper or facebook feed try change this to something more uplifting. It’s best to keep the negativity at bay and let our imagination run wild on paper to kick start your cognitive functions.

Go get em’ tiger.

All the smiles,

Your Hummingbird Enthusiast

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