The Yoga Cure

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Inhale 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – Exhale 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Yoga: from Sanskrit (the liturgical language of Hinduism) root word of ‘yuj’ meaning “to join” or “to unite”.

It was Friday morning, 21 July, and the Hummingbird Team (myself, Callum and Sophie) prepared for a yogi experience at Humming Puppy in one of Melbourne’s trendy districts, Prahan. After a slight persuasive conversation with “The Boss” we wanted to connect as a team and find out why our co-working space friend, Georgia, and our consultant, Laura, raved so much about yoga and Humming Puppy.

We walked up the stairs and as we began to open the door an automatic wave of release washed over us as we quickly felt and heard the low vibration through the studio. Our eyes adjusted to the calming dim lights and we drank tea whilst we waited to start our class, ‘Mellow Hum’. Dabbling in the Yogi spirit previously, I knew what to expect however, my other sidekicks did not…

As we are breathing, move on for just a moment whilst ignoring the mythology. Shiva, known as the “Adiyogi” essentially means the first yogi and originator of yoga. He planted the seed in the human mind and moved in ecstasy upon the Himalayas. Shiva is the one who tells us that we can move past our present limitations. But a few things, upon my research post ‘Moksha’ (meaning liberation/release, one of the core yoga principals) is this..

Yoga beneficially can improve sex (!!!) and sex problems, has been shown to boost immunity, improve mental health conditions, relieve migraines and is a big supporter of keeping you young!

So as we entered the class we sheepishly followed our fellow yogis by laying down and closing our eyes feeling the low vibration through our bodies and floor. When the class started, it was very obvious that Callum was not as flexible as he thought and Sophie took it with absolute ease and grace. As we moved our body into the shapes the yogi guru was presenting us, the ‘Mellow Hum’ class effortlessly forces onto you what you may know but don’t want to accept- it’s time to slow down.

Yoga is a very spiritual discipline and although it might not be for everyone, it teaches us that our Spirit, Body and Mind are all linked. From the birth of its thousand year old belief systems (not religion), it allows us to rise above sufferings and exclude misconceptions.

I would highly recommend if you are needing an exercise routine change, feeling a bit stuck, not sure on how to read your body, attend a yoga class and reap the rewards.

Oh and before I forget, what misconceptions are you holding on to?


All the smiles,

Your Hummingbird Enthusiast and Avid Yogi Fan


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