The Truth. The whole Truth. And nothing but the Truth. – A Benjamin Seer Biography


We are all nosey. And if you say that you are not nosey then you are lying. We are mysterious little birdies and we ain’t denying it in the Hummingbird NestQuarters! So, we are going to give you a little insight… how does the Co-Founder/CEO make this company tick?

What makes this young entrepreneur, who travelled all the way from Germany, landed on one of Australia’s favourite TV shows, so driven, creative and what makes his heart sing? What on earth does he do on the weekend? Is he actually that professional, well-mannered and hard working? Well I have the DOWN LOW, the goss, the details and some true facts- And let me tell you… it’s not what you would think.


So what is it really like to work with the newly famous Hummingbird Co-Founder/CEO? The Hummingbird Team tell us, what you see is definitely not what you get. There is an underlying fun guy in there but he only comes out occasionally and we are going to dish the dirt; but on the work side this is what we got (team names have remained anonymous for obvious reasons).

  •       Absolutely and entirely numbers driven. If you don’t give him some type of ‘economics’ there isn’t any point in calling a meeting!
  •       LOVES Asana. If there is a project underway, his key time management tool is Asana to keep everyone on track.
  •       Super open. You can literally tell him anything.
  •       Hard-working. He reads and researches everything that we are doing. There is nothing he doesn’t know about. And if he doesn’t, you sure bet he will within the hour!


Now this is the stuff that will make you say “ohh really?!”

  •       Wants to study Astrophysics in the next 10 years. (I know we don’t see the fun in it either!)
  •       Is a DJ. A DJ! Maybe the next Calvin Harris or Steve Aioki?
  •       Love’s old French movies like Pleine Soleil and La Piscine
  •       Used to write reviews on new Tech Gadgets when he was 14 years old! That’s right, our Boss, would literally be handed free tech gadgets just so HE (no one else) could write a review for a German Newspaper called P.M. Magazine. He would have anything from motorized scooters (there’s another story in that) to PlayStations to Kiteboards, Solar Kits and remote controlled Cars!

So there you have it. A little insight into the world of the Co-Founder/CEO who is changing our Australian breakfast game for good.


Reach out if you are curious to learn more about Benjamin and the Hummingbird Team…

All the smiles,

Your Hummingbird Enthusiast


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