Why breakfast is worth getting out of bed

So as it turns out, Mum was right about a lot of things that I never did. From telling me to always bring a jacket to reminding me that it’s not a great idea to go out when I have work the next day. But the advice I wish I had taken was this –Breakfast is absolutely the most important meal of the day.

Even with 93% of Australian’s agreeing with mum, breakfast is undisputedly the most commonly skipped meal. I mean who really has time for breakfast, I know I prefer the extra minutes of sleep. So why should we put the effort in? Why should you lose precious minutes of sleep?

Well it turns out breakfast has a lot of benefits. As shocking as it is, mum wasn’t lying. There is a lot of research behind breakfast being really beneficial. Here are a few of the stand out reasons why breakfast is (apparently) really important, and why I started sacrificing 15 minutes of sleep in the morning.

It makes you smarter
After the overnight fast, your body is essentially running on an empty tank. When you wake up, your body needs blood sugar to kick start your brain and muscles before lunch time (and it turns out coffee isn’t the solution here). This helps to improve your focus, cognitive function and short term memory.

Keep yourself energised and happy
When you eat breakfast in the morning, you also get your metabolism going. By breaking the fast, you can encourage your body to burn more calories throughout the day. You also avoid feeling fatigued and moody or as we call it at the NestQuarters… Hangry

Helps you avoid the afternoon slump
Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning means that your blood sugar levels are more likely to be stable, avoiding the desire for high sugar foods that cause those dreaded highs and lows!

Helps you reduce your stress levels
Breakfast also has a positive effect on your stress hormones! Your body uses glucose and fat for both energy and stress management, by increasing your glucose intake in the morning you’re likely to reduce your anxiety and stress

So what are your thoughts about breakfast? Is it worth losing sleep over?

All the smiles,

Your Hummingbird Enthusiast


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