Feeling Berrylicious

Hello Berry Lovers!

So we may talk a lot about being bootylicious but what about being berrylicious? It is coming into the peak season of all things berries. Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and boy do they taste good in smoothies!

Our gorgeous nutritionist Alanna (@lanaeatingpositive), has put in the most simple form possible why these berries are so good for us and why we should eat them on a daily basis. I can feel the goodness seeping into my bones already!
Blueberry (1).jpg

And as many of you know, sometimes berries can almost cost the same price as your avocado or basically your monthly mortgage… so we have also searched high and low and found the cheapest berries for all you bad birdies out there!


  • 2 x punnet blueberries only $5
  • Strawberry punnet only $2
  • Mangoes only $3


  • Blueberries only $2.50


*cheeky disclaimer: frozen berries last longer and are also ridiculously cheap, keeping your smoothies cold.


All the smiles,

Your Hummingbird Enthusiast


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