5 Ways a Blender is More Versatile Than You Think…

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In case you hadn’t already worked it out, apart from creating your delicious smoothie with our Blendies, the second most integral part of the science behind making a smoothie is having a Blender. Who wouldda thought huh?

But given the trending, changing and crazy convenient world we live in today, (I mean, my gosh you don’t even have to look up movie times to watch a movie anymore!) is that basically every product and service needs to offer at least more than one thing to keep our attention… I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing so I will let you make that decision.  

So… if we expect convenience and expect every single product to offer more than one service, boy have I got some great news for you blender owner’s out there! Some of this will blow your mind, some of it is common sense (that never really is that common) and some well….it’s just there for food for thought.

So starting with numero uno

  1. Your Blender CAN be QUIET

You got it girlfriend. As much as we all love smoothies, let’s be honest how freaking annoying is the sound. Like seriously…I mean that’s exactly the sound I want to hear when my ex tries to call but not when I have just woken up at 630am.

Answer: Silicone Mat. Pop a silicone mat under the blender’s base and this will literally absorb some, not all, of the sound. Cooooool.

  1. Your Blender CAN boost your veggie patch vitality

Another common trend that is out there is eating organically, duh. However, I am so thrilled to see that a lot of us are moving toward veggie patches instead of buying the ridiculously overpriced fruit/veg from our local grocer.

So use your blender to blend all of your leftover food scraps (literally anything you have) and then just like the infamous salt man sprinkle them on your garden to vitalise your fruit, veg and herb babies!

  1. DON’T muck up the ingredient order..

You heard me correctly, there is an easier way to get your idea of a perfect smoothie actually perfect. Dropping your ingredients in the wrong order won’t help but again, I have an intriguing technique and solution.

Answer: All of your soft ingredients should go first (e.g. liquid, soft fruits etc.) and then place in the harder ingredients (e.g. cucumber). This allows the blades to be coated and it will help chop through the harder food easier. Fun Fact!

  1. You CAN aerate your wine!

This is pretty simple for you wine lovers, which, most of you are. You would have heard the age old trick of aerating the wine to get a better taste and scent out of it. So if you forget, or don’t have the time, just pop the wine in your blender, pulse for a few seconds and voila!

  1. How to CLEAN a Blender

You have just read over all of these fun blender facts. And if you get really stuck on an awkward first date and need conversation you might in fact pull one of these bad boy facts out. I would feel sorry for you, but you might.

And I also know what you are really thinking… thanks for the info but do you realise how bloody hard they are to clean? Why yes, yes I do- that’s why I have another solution for your first world problem.


Step 1- Put boiling hot water in the blender

Step 2- Drop in a tiny little bit of dishwashing soap

Step 3- Blend

Annddd we’re done.

Extra little tip if you so desire: Place a small slice of lemon in the blender. This helps to desensitize the smell and clean.

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