Build that Booty!!

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Gooooood morning bootylicious babes!

You know, I am kinda one of these people that follow trends, stalks instagram, wants to be skinny but also wants a bootylicious booty you know, J-Lo style, or Kim. K or I don’t know, the freaken hot girl on the gram! And today is the day. I thought you know what- how do I fast track this? I am also one step ahead of the game and realise that it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise.

So in all of my wisdom and despite us providing you with a very tasty booty builder smoothie recipe, ya’ll would want to know what ELSE can help build that booty? So our gorgeous nutritionist @lanaeatingpositive has given you all the goodness and all the nutrients your body requires to #buildthatbooty.

Now, just so you know, when we are trying to build muscle (aka build a booty) what we want to support in our bodies is a process call muscle synthesis. So, by maximising this process you will be able to build lean muscle and really make that workout count.

Here are some of our top tips to get you started!


  • Aim to have approximately 20g of protein post workout  


It is important to have a minimum of 20g of protein to help your muscles recover after a workout. You see, when you work out your muscles rip and essentially they need to be “stitched back up” however, it is better to do this when you have protein in your system to support the creation of nice lean muscle.


  • Protein Blendie Yoghurt & milk


High in protein to help your body recover and maximise post exercise adaptations = build lean muscle and less soreness


  • Add oats, banana & berries


Trying adding some oats, banana and berries to your daily food intake. These foods contain complex carbohydrates and are high in fibre which is great for feeling fuller for longer and you won’t have a huge sugar rush or feel irritable. Also when these bad boys are eaten with protein they help maximise muscles synthesis- which is exactly what we want!


  • Dairy


Cottage cheese is high in protein and relatively low in carbohydrate so is a very popular food post workout. Also any dairy products like milk and yoghurt are also great foods to have.

Oh and don’t forget folks, you really do need to do weights..sorry, not sorry. Pity we can’t all be graced with the Kim.K bootay!

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