Watch Out This Black Friday…

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THE TIME HAS COME! The count-down has finished and now it is every man for themselves. We marked the date in the calendar (realistically straight after last Black Friday) and we will be loading 20 of our best shopping tabs, taking a day off work to go to the mall and ripping each other’s hair out so we can get the SALE OF THE YEAR! Queues go for hours, servers crash and people get nasty. But not here at Hummingbird because we are most certainly prepared for the big….



This almost suspicious, slightly creepy and wondrous day gives all women (and men) the ability to unleash their inner shopping spirit like they never have before and brings out the best and the worst in everyone.

I have nutted out some hilarious, weird and somewhat some crazy stories that will make you shake your head from Black Friday; including why Black Friday actually originated.

1.In USA’s famous Walmart store there has been many intense Black Friday stories but this one is a cracker. A massive brawl broke out between the customers over a BIKE! That’s right a bike! Whilst there was a little bit of blood involved, one lucky person got free with the bike and rode right out the store!

2. In another USA retail store- during the stampedes that carry us away as we race for that one last sale, a lady fell down and a pen got stuck in her neck! The staff literally had to stand over her waiting for emergency services just so she wouldn’t continue getting trampled! Isn’t it nice to see the humanity on this day…. 😐

3. Electronics store. Don’t even go there! One teenage boy received a swift punch to the face because a lady wanted the last toaster standing! WOW!

4. Why not use the back door? In a semi-recent Toys R Us Black Friday, big ticket items were placed out the back for the customer to collect. Not literally though, without paying… but you know what, anything goes on Black Friday apparently! And the poor staff were fighting with the customers whilst their goods were chucked to the side if the customer didn’t want it. Unbelieveable!

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Why does Black Friday even exist?

For those of us normal and not so insane shoppers, Black Friday is the day after America’s Thanksgiving. And retail GIANT Amazon helped push this crazy sale concept across the globe.

The name ‘Black Friday’ actually didn’t originate until 1966 when a story appeared in the American Philatelist, a stamp collector’s’ magazine, believe it or not! The Philadelphia Police Department used Black Friday as a name to describe the intense amount of traffic jams which crowded all of their retail stores downtown.

But really where all of this started was in 1905 where the store Eaton’s and 1924 the store Macy’s launched huge Thanksgiving parades to boost shopping and sales post the holiday. Now because the Thanksgiving holiday fell on a Thursday, employees would constantly call in ‘sick’ on the Friday just so they could have a longer weekend Makes sense. Obviously, all retailers were still open on the Friday so most people would try and get a head start on their holiday shopping! Eventually many businesses declared the Friday as a public holiday too!

Now it is time to smell those roses and blow out those candles and face the reality that Black Friday is going to be huge! Get amongst it, try not to take out a person and hopefully you will score yourself a few bargains. Oh… and don’t forget to check out our….. Spinning Wheel 😉

Stay safe Birdies, stay safe.


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