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Unexplained tiredness is a common reason that many people come to see me for a naturopathic consultation. When I type ‘Why Am I…’ in Google, the top two questions are ‘Why Am I So Tired’ and ‘Why Am I Always Tired’ so it’s obviously a common problem for people! But I’ll tell you right now, there is always an explanation for tiredness, we just need to work out what it is! If you are feeling run down but don’t know why, these factors might be contributing to your lack of energy.


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Do You Have Too Many Tabs Open?

We all know that if our computers are not working properly, we can just turn them off and restart them again and everything is fine. The human mind and body are quite different though, it’s very difficult to just switch off. In this modern world we are bombarded by ‘stuff’ everywhere we go (and by stuff I mean social media, technology and TV just to name a few distractions). We can’t possibly work efficiently with so many tabs open on our internal web browser (also known as our brains) so it’s important to incorporate activities which can cut out the noise and help us think more clearly.  This is where mindfulness comes in.  It closes down unnecessary tabs and helps to centre and calm us, whilst giving clarity and energy and an overdue recharge of our batteries. Try downloading some apps such as Smiling Mind (link or Insight Timer and give them a go. Even ten minutes spent daily in mindful meditation can have a positive impact on your psychological well being, and we all have more energy when we feel happy.


You Might be Relying On Empty Energy

There are some things that give you real energy such as a healthy nutritious diet, adequate sleep and a balanced exercise regime and then there are some things, which might give you a false sense of increased energy. I’m talking about caffeine and sugar! When we feel tired and run down, we usually tend to crave ‘quick-fix’ foods and drinks which give you instant energy but then wear off, leading to a drop in blood sugar, a crash in energy and increased tiredness. Some people ride this energy roller-coaster all day long and are they so caffeinated and hyped up by the end of the day that they can’t sleep, so it becomes a vicious cycle.  Try swapping your coffee for green tea and your sugar for whole fruit paired with protein, and watch your energy levels become more consistent, and your unexplained tiredness disappear.



Maybe You Are Just Dehydrated

Don’t underestimate this one! Dehydration is incredibly common and lots of people forget to drink enough hydrating fluids(says she as she lifts up her glass of water and takes a big gulp!). Don’t rely on feeling thirsty as a reliable indication of dehydration though, as many people don’t experience this symptom until they are quite dehydrated. Low energy, lack of focus and clarity, dry skin, dizziness and confusion may all be signs you need to up the fluid intake. Water is of course recommended, but smoothies, decaffeinated herbal teas and mineral water can all count towards your daily hydration intake (says she as she has another big gulp of water!).  Adequate hydration makes you look brighter, feel better and work better (every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to function properly).


Are You On The Right Path…

People who have clear goals in life, a passion for what they are doing and a good understanding of what their calling is, often have increased energy. It’s almost like what inspires them, energises them too! If you are unclear on your life purpose, I’d spend some time gaining clarity in this area. This might involve creating a vision board – either one made from magazine cuttings, or even a private Pinterest board where you pin inspiring quotes, people and pictures. Creating a one, three and five year plan of where you want to be and what you want to be doing is also a great way to gain focus. Just remember that these vision boards and goals are fluid and dynamic rather than set in stone, so update them as you grow and new things inspire you.


So maybe unexplained tiredness is easier to explain that you think. Following these tips can make a big difference. I love helping people find the boundless energy that is inside each and every one of us. If you have questions or want to book a time to come and see me for a naturopathic consultation, get in touch and let’s make a time to chat.

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