The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide


Merry Christmas! We are SO excited here at Hummingbird NestQuarters as we absolutely love Christmas and the holiday season in general :):) WHO DOESN’T!

Now I know, I know… you are probably kicking and screaming the whole way to the shopping centre like a terrible two year old. There is fighting for a car park, endless queues and crowds and I mean this is just not what we are about. We LOVE being CONVENIENT, EASY AND QUICK. So we have whipped together this gift guide (last minute), because I mean it’s holiday season and everyone is whipping everything together last minute. I also can guarantee this is probably YOU with your Chrissy shopping!


So sit back, relax, have a little scroll below and hopefully we have been able to save your sorry A$$ with some last minute tips and tricks.

1. A YOGA MAT! DUH- Who doesn’t want a Yoga Mat and need some serious Zen time after the crazy festive season. Our friends over at Yellow Willow seriously have the most gorgeous mats, and what a perfect little “something extra” gift! LOVE them!

Yoga Mat.jpeg2. Kiki-K Journal. Don’t you just love a little #inspo. Is it just me or is there something about ladies and stationary? Cannot get enough of these beauty’s which help keep the whole Hummingbird team on track for their healthy breakfast routine plus keeping up with regular exercise! It makes me excited just walking into the store.
Thrive journal.jpg

3. The Breville Kintix Pro Blender. Now let me start by saying you would be a very very nice friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, whoever it is you want to be, if you were to gift someone this state of the art present! This is one of those one’s where you will always be able to say, “remember when I….” a seriously mind blow gift that smoothie lovers will forever be thankful for! And they last a lifetime!

Kinetix Pro.jpg

4. B-TAN.. It is hot, the beaches are full and we need a tan! Am I the only one working right now- how does everyone get so brown so quickly? This bad boy is the PERFECT stocking filler and every girls DREAM!


5. BLENDIES!!!!!! Because why wouldn’t we recommend our own brand!!!! 😉 Aside from that, they are so flipping adorable, taste delicious and are healthy! It will also be one of those gifts where you can say “thank me later, I know you have always wanted to try it”.

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