“Should I Skip Breakfast”?

Breakfast is a much talked about meal. “Should I skip breakfast? What to eat for breakfast?”  It’s a meal that is often our most rushed and neglected, yet it’s super important to how our day will pan out, as well as our eating habits.


By skipping breakfast, you’ll find that sugar cravings will rise throughout the day (that’s a scientific fact!)… Which will lead to either:

A. Overeating

B. Making unhealthy food choices

or C. Both.

All 3 options are a recipe for unwanted fat gain, as well as general health issues. After sleeping throughout the night and having our bodies repair while at rest (which in fact still burns calories), our body is craving nutrients to replace what we have lost and gear up for the day ahead. By skipping that meal all together, you’re running your body on empty- and that ain’t a good thing!


Now, I get how busy our lives are these days and that those extra few minutes of sleep might make missing breakfast may seem worth it, but in the long run, chances are it’s not! If you give your body fuel at the start of the day you are less likely to binge eat, choose foods high in sugar or fat and have that dreaded afternoon crash! I have found for me a bowl of oats and a smoothie work great! These meals take about 2 mins to make (I soak my oats overnight and eat them cold in the morning) and about the same time to eat- for me anyway… I am always starving in the morning!


Of course, there are those that have different ways of eating and get into things like IM (Intermediate Fasting), but I’ll save that for another blog. This is about the importance of breakfast and what it can do for your health and body. How to build muscle? Well, you need to eat- if you don’t eat, your body isn’t going to put it’s it energy towards building new muscle. It’s sole focus will be on keeping you alive. Your brain also requires energy (food) to function at it’s best, so starving it overnight, and then during the day too isn’t the best idea either unless you do zombie well!


After being a huge smoothie fan for years and loving the time efficiency as well as the nutrient hit you can get with such a quick fix, I have recently teamed up with Hummingbird, who have made my smoothie addiction even more accessible. No longer do I have to mix 10 different superfood powders together! Hummingbird Blendies come in simple, convenient, nutrient-packed smoothie balls that you simply drop into your blender with milk/water/juice,  or whatever you have your smoothies with and blend! Simple. I am now on their panel of experts for all things fitness and exercise related and will be answering questions as well as giving out tips to all Hummingbird fans via there blog too!


And to make breakfast even better for you, use code –  “mattf20” to get 20% off your entire order at www.hbird.co




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